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My China journal part 1.

2007-08-08 18:21:23 by poryon2

It started off with us on the bus. Professor Centauri had us going on a field trip to China, but we needed to get a partner. He also introduced his new student teacher/bitch, IdiotClown. Many people then got a buddy, I then noticed one person without a buddy. That person was TwilightFox. I came up to him and said, "I'll be your buddy." He was glad he had a buddy. Then the bus came and we got on board.

After some small talk we finally made it to China! We then had an official welcome from the Chinese parliament! Then some fireworks in stuff, but then Complete blew up the Chinese parliament! This outraged the Death Pandas, so they attacked us! Much talk came about, as the Panda's attacked, we killed one, but millions more came, one that was paticulary angry was decapitaded. We then saw two asian women being assualted by a panda.

But, out of nowhere, Cornelius the panda tamer saved us! Ursiruss then had the Idea we made journals, in case we were killed or something. Thus I made this. I hope we live! end of part 1.


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